Commercial Horticulture

Commercial horticulture

Increase your yields with NOVIHUM®
It optimizes soil and substrate properties, and sustainably increases plant resilience. With NOVIHUM®, you’ll get more yield, better plants and more flavor from harvested crops.

NOVIHUM® for              
commercial horticulture 

NOVIHUM® single-application trials (commercial and extensionservices) around the globe showed significant positive long-term effects in terms of yield increase, drought protection, and fruit quality:
  • Typical 10 – 25% yield increase with little effort
  • Grapes: 40% higher yield while keeping the sugar amount in the fruits
  • Strawberries: 23% higher yield, with more Class A fruits (+28%)
  • Lettuce: 25% increase in fresh mass, 10% bigger crown diameter
  • Sweet peppers: 13% higher yield
  • Tomato: 14% higher yield, 6% higher BRIX


Grow better with NOVIHUM®
You will get more yield, better crop quality, and protection against drought and soil erosion.

NOVIHUM® for agriculture 

NOVIHUM® single-application trials (commercial and extension services) around the globe showed significant positive long-term effects in terms of yield increase, drought protection, and fruit quality:
  • Commercial potato operation: 20% higher yield, higher proportion of larger potatoes
  • Recultivation operation with crop rotation: rye with 20%, rapeseed with 40%, barley with 50% and wheat with  70% higher yield


Humus-poor and humus-free soils offer only low yields. The fertility of arable land is being increasingly pushed to its limits globally by industrial cultivation. The exploitation of natural resources often leaves behind it devastated soils. NOVIHUM® improves the entire eco-system of the soil and protects it from erosion and drought effects.

NOVIHUM® for recultivation 

  • Enhances low-humus sites with high-quality, N-bearing stable humus 
  • Works in synergy with other yield-enhancing products (e.g. fertilizers)
  • Eases recultivation of waste tips, open cast mining sites or desert areas for profitable, sustainable agricultural use

Reference cases

More and bigger potatoes in Canada

A commercial potato trial in Canada shows higher yields

  • Year: 2017
  • Plant: Potato, Var. “Dakota Pearl” – Fresh market
  • Sandy loam soil, Corg 1-2%
  • Rate: 300-600 kg/acre (250- 500 g/m² in rows)
  • Total of 1 acre
  • Grown using standard irrigation and fertilizer practices
  • Significant results: yield increase of 19%, and a greater proportion of large potatoes

Everything's bigger in Texas – even bell pepper yield

NOVIHUM again increases yields for vegetables in sandy soils.
Trial: Texas A&M, Texas, USA

  • Year: 2016/17
  • Plant: Bell pepper
  • Texas field research plot (200 m²) with sandy soil
  • Average rate of ca. 350 g/m² 
  • Yield increases of 13%
  • Fruit quality unaffected
  • On-going second-year trials

Novihum and Control variants cultivated identically. 
Control ‘topped-up’ with extra nitrogen to account for N-content in Novihum.

More grapes

Case study in wine grapes: multi-year yield increase while maintaining quality.

Trial: Wobar Vineyard, Germany

  • Year: 2015/16/17
  • Plant: Grape (Cabernet Blanc)
  • Loam/limestone soil, open field, ca. 500 g per new plant
  • Significant yield increase
  • Sugar content  (key quality indicator) remained unchanged

“Carbenet Blanc showing a yield increase of over 20% even 3 years after applying Novihum: that is a really impressive result!”
(Dr. Andreas Wobar, WeinWobar, Großräschener See, about using Novihum in their new vineyard)

More and better strawberries

Novihum increases yield and quality in strawberries.

Trial: strawberry breeder, Germany

  • Year: 2016/17
  • Plant: Strawberry (Malling Centenary)
  • Trial: pots in crop gutters
  • All Variants got same Nitrogen-amount
  • Novihum-Application-Rate: 1%Vol
  • Significant average yield increase (+23%); yield increase even higher (28%) for class A fruits


  • Plant Reaction: Healthy growth, higher Plants
  • Yield: 23% more yield of all fruits categories, 28% higher yield of Class-A fruits

Bigger lettuce

NOVIHUM increases fresh mass and crown diameter of Romaine lettuce.

Trial: Commercial farm in Yuma, AZ, USA

  • Year: 2017
  • Plant: Romaine lettuce
  • Field trial in commercial lettuce production
  • Sandy soil
  • 2 rates: Half rate (100 g/m²), full rate (200 g/m²)
  • Grown using standard irrigation and fertilizer practices
  • Significant increases in shoot mass, root mass, and crown diameter
  • Grower scaling up from 1-acre to 50-acres Novihum this year

Long-term trials with NOVIHUM®

NOVIHUM has demonstrated long-term effects over 15 years, including increased drought resistance.

Trial: FIB, Germany

  • Year: 2001 – today
  • Intensive crop rotation: wheat, rye, barley, potato, etc.
  • Recultivation of former mining site (Welzow)
  • Sandy soil, semiarid climatic zone
  • Single application of Novihum in 2001
  • Higher yields on Novihum-treated areas compared to control areas
  • In drought year (2003), losses were significantly less in Novihum-treated areas