Our mission: improve soils worldwide

In the 2000's, scientists at the TU Dresden in Germany invented a revolutionary natural soil enhancer based on lignite. In 2012 Novihum Technologies GmbH was founded to bring this great product to the market.

With the help of venture capital partners, the European Union, and an international team  of soil, plant, and production experts, Novihum Technologies GmbH built its first production plant in Dortmund, Germany to produce NOVIHUM® on an industrial scale in 2016.

Novihum Technologies GmbH has over 20 employees and is still growing. We successfully serve customers in Europe, North America and elsewhere. 

Building the future – our production site in Dortmund

Right in the heart of Europe and close to Germany's biggest lignite mining area – we produce NOVIHUM® at our production site in Dortmund. 

Due to increased interest in NOVIHUM®, we are scaling up our production in Dortmund, and preparing to build production facilities in other locations. 

The team

Novihum Technologies is a collective of international soil, plant, and production experts, passionate about creating the perfect soil enhancer so you can grow perfect crops and help to feed 10+ billion people.

Production Site

Dortmund  | Germany
Weidenstraße 70-72 
44147 Dortmund | Germany


Dresden | Germany
Blasewitzer Straße 41
01307 Dresden | Germany